Search Powered Applications for the Enterprise

May 13,2014

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Search-Based Application

Software applications that use a search engine platform as the core infrastructure for information access and reporting.

Aggregate, normalize and classify unstructured, semi-structured, and structured content across multiple repositories.

Employ natural language technologies to access the aggregated information.

Powerful Features with Search

  • Full text search
    • Autocomplete
    • Context aware
    • Did you mean suggestions
    • Highlight search snippets
  • Facets
  • Near Real-time indexing
  • Unify Structured & Unstructured Data
  • Extremely Fast Performance

Popular Search Technology Platforms

Apache SOLR

  • Introduced in 2004
  • 4.X version since 2012
  • Open source Apache Project
  • Lucene based
  • Widely used

Elastic Search

  • Introduced in 2010
  • Lucene based
  • Open source
  • Gaining traction
  • Used by Bloomberg, Associated Press, New York Times, GitHub, Foursquare
SBA Examples
  • E-discovery
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fraud Detection
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Customer Support
  • And more...


Search based applications

  • Aggregate vast amounts of content
  • Access data with near natural language
  • Are extremely fast and scalable

An Opportunity for Enterprise Organizations

  • Reduce workflow friction
  • Introduce innovation
  • Breathe life into legacy app