REST API documentation

Dragonglass's REST API exposes the functionality required to build, maintain, and use a search engine. This guide provides a developer with all the documentation needed to build a search-powered application. All calls can be made using tools like Postman, or any programming language's HTTP libraries, or even with cURL.

JavaScript Library

DragonGlass JS library enables javascript clients and applications to integrate the DragonGlass platform into their Model-View-Controller and Model-View-View-Model client side architectures. Events and object based javascript constructs allow javascript developers to integrate the platform capabilities into standalone widgets providing analytic views or combining all aspects of the API to build fully fledged information dashboards

  • Native javascript based search life-cycle events allow integration into custom application workflow
  • All search result data is represented in JSON allowing integration into multiple client side javascript technologies
  • Customize and adapt search results to the needs of the application view. SearchCustomizer provides a standard way to intercept and transform the result data before being forwarded to the view code
  • SearchEngine and SearchModel provide self-contained javascript client side constructs to execute searches, retrieve and transform search results in a stateless manner.
  • FacetModel provides a client side auto-updating data store of Facets. React to searches and automatically update facets and notify application listeners.
  • FacetCustomizer allow developers to decorate facet results with display names for facets and terms